Festive Family Feast: Social Capital At Its Best

Last night I “hosted” the LiveWorkPlay Festive Family Feast. I am not exactly sure at this moment when we did this for the first time, but really it’s an outgrowth of one of the first community gathering efforts we (“we” being what is now LiveWorkPlay) ever came up with. It all started as a “Holiday brunch” in December 1998. There are some major differences – the key one being not making the food ourselves – but that’s a story for another time!


Last night about 200 people came out and probably someone who works in the “event organizer” business would have thrown a fit. But they’d be missing the beauty of what goes on – nobody needs to be entertained or told what to do. This is hard core Al Condeluci social capital and interdependence at work.

At one point I talked with Julie and we considered never saying anything at all (we were into the second of four courses by this point and and everyone was having a blast) but it made sense to publicly accept a $5000 donation from Ontario Realtors Care and also to say goodbye to Rebecca who is heading to BC and say hello to Alastair who is new to the staff team. It’s been an interesting journey to a place where I feel comfortable and in fact rather joyful at 200 person dinner where the interaction between the guests is by far the most important feature. That might be profoundly important, don’t you think?


PS: I did the lighting, including an LED strand wrapped around my head. I wanted to be festive but I don’t wear hats, I already run too hot.


About Keenan Wellar

I'm a citizen of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and co-leader of social change charitable organization LiveWorkPlay.ca, which helps the community welcome people with intellectual disabilities to live, work, and play as valued citizens. With Julie Kingstone, I am co-owner of Wellstone Leadership Services, dedicated to supporting a culture of excellence for non-profit, private sector, government organizations, collaborations, and partnerships. I also have alter-egos that support the Ottawa RedBlacks and Ottawa Fury. Find me on Twitter @socialkeenan @liveworkplay @wellstoneleader @redblacksfanabove @furyfanabove. I'm all over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn too. Also spotted outdoors from time to time, mainly in the Glebe area.
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2 Responses to Festive Family Feast: Social Capital At Its Best

  1. Ellyce Leduc says:

    Ah, this is great!!!

    PS: Making the food yourselves?! Please explain, I must know.

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