CFRA Morning Live, host Andrew Pinsent with guests Keenan Wellar and Mitch Kedrosky

From the carp pond love fest to The Headstones at CityFolk, lots of fun topics mixed in with the serious, like bail reform and affordable housing.

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Celebrating 28 Years of LiveWorkPlay at Make A Buzz Ottawa 2023

Although we went back to live dinner events in Decemeber and March, we had not done Make A Buzz Ottawa since 2019, and we needed to make a lot of changes, mainly, reducing microphone time and increasing social time for guests, and delivering an overall event experience in under 3 hours. The short story: we did it! The collage has photos of me but that’s because this is my blog – I was really happy to be playing mainly an MC role, the one award I presented myself is the Community Ambassador Award which is really an award from the “marketing department” (that’s me!). There were so many amazing moments, but certainly any time you see a spontaneous standing ovation, you remember it. The first video in the playlist below is a moving ceremony that ends with raucous joy. After 28 years, there’s still so much to love.

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Back on Rogers Daytime with Derick Fage!

LiveWorkPlay Co-Leader Keenan Wellar joins host Derick Fage for face-paced 7 minutes as they catch up on employment news, insider events, provincial politics, the local sports scene, and more!

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Ten Years Later: Revisiting Youth & Philanthropy in The Philanthropist Journal

Ten years ago I was invited to contribute to a series of The Philanthropist Journal articles about youth and philanthropy, and Social Change And A Welcoming Environment For Youth In The Nonprofit Community was my contribution. The Philanthropist recently conducted follow-up interviews with the authors from a decade ago, and I was honoured to be included in this very interesting read!

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CFRA Morning Live, host Andrew Pinsent with guests Keenan Wellar and Lindsay Maskell

We cover everything from Joe Biden’s visit to public funding for the Ottawa Senators to my second public statement on the Zellers Big Z Burger!

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Hosting the LiveWorkPlay Welcome To Spring Family Feast

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Talking Housing With MP Arielle Kayabaga

My first ever Instagram Live and it was with one of Canada’s youngest MPs!
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Making A Splash With Parks Canada

Parks Canada invited LiveWorkPlay to their gathering in Ottawa to talk about the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities. My colleauge Joshua and I were both thrilled with the setup provided by Greg and the thoughtful questions in the Q&A that followed the presentation.

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Shaking Up Ottawa’s Job Market

Check out the replay of this live streaming webinar with LifeCourseOnline and Family Support Network for Employment with my colleague Larua Lobay and I answering questions after the premiere of an amazing video featuring some LiveWorkPlay matches of jobseekers and employers in the private and public sector!

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The LiveWorkPlay News – Special Edition – Top 22 of 2022

It’s a long winter so I put together a special edition of The LiveWorkPlay News with guest co-host Stephen MacPhee and none other than Julie Kingstone as our breaking news reporter!

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